I find the lead in to Christmas a chore.  I love Christmas Day, being with family, eating copious amount of food totally inappropriate for the hot summer weather (turkey, ham, roast vegetables and pudding!) and then needing a siesta in the afternoon’s heat.  But gift giving is not what is should be.  I just find it all stressful, plus the consumerism and consumption of things we don’t really need drives me crazy.  Thankfully, the whole family is taking a good look at things this year and we’ve agreed we need to have a new Christmas plan, look at what we like about Christmas and to strip it right back.  So hopefully the lead in next year won’t be the same and we can spend Christmas being thankful and grateful for what we have and recieve. 

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Human Beings

It really spins me out when you stop and think – husband and I made 3 human beings – how awesome is that!

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Summertime in suburban Sydney, Australia. Husband, 3 kids – 4, 2 and 4 weeks old – blue, blue and pink.

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